tree services

tree removal

We offer very safe and cost effective ways of removing whole trees. When a tree needs to be removed it is often dead or a hazard. We have specialized machinery that can even fit through a 36 gate and allow us to get close to the work without using the tree itself as a work platform. We avoid the use of skid steer loaders in order to preserve turf. If necessary our trained staff will work in your tree with proper climbing equipment. We also have larger trucks for some of the larger trees that we find in Central Missouri.

tree health

Low Pressure Root Fertilization: Minimally invasive root fertilization preserves root structure while strengthening a tree so it can better withstand stress from pests, disease, and drought. It also stimulates growth and contributes to better leaf color.

Insect and Disease Control: We will diagnose diseases and pests and treat them, including Oak Wilt, Emerald Ash Borer, Dutch Elm Disease, Fireblight, Anthracnose, Tar Spot, Evergreen needle fungus, borers, scale, and others. Fungicides, Insecticides, Antibiotics and Nutrients are injected directly into the vascular system of the tree to treat these various insects, and diseases. We can also treat nutrient deficiencies like Iron deficiency.

tree trimming

Removing dead or hazardous limbs is often necessary as well as removing limbs that encroach on power lines and buildings. Trees are often large enough to dominate the view of most properties. Our selected trimming can sharpen the look of your property while enhancing the health and longevity of the trees.

deadwood removal

hazardous tree removal

large tree removal

tree shaping

While we are opposed to old methods of tree topping we realize that something must be done with trees that have been planted too close to a building, sidewalk, or road. When safety is at stake we can reduce the crown height of a tree in a healthier manner than outright topping.

storm cleanup

The most dangerous work we encounter is after a storm when limbs and trees are damaged. Special equipment like a truck crane allows us to work remotely of the danger and also gives us better control of material that threatens a building. We can also efficiently clean up fallen debris without damaging your turf or landscaping.

ornamental pruning

We can trim bushes, hedges, and other landscaping plants as well as perform general outdoor cleanup to restore that sharp edge to your property.