stump removal

Our stump removal process involves a machine grinding the stump and surface roots into mulch. This machine goes 6-9 below ground. There is a pile of nice nursery grade mulch and soil mix where the stump was. Most customers use the mulch around the base of a replacement tree or in other landscaping beds. For an additional charge we will remove the mulch. We can also give a quote for filling the stump cavity with soil, planting grass, and then covering it with straw. We have found that tracked machines are rougher on turf so we use a wheeled machine with flotation tires. We also have smaller hand-operated equipment if you have steep or gated areas.

The roots of a tree may extend past the tree twice the radius of the trunk to the drip edge. Most of the roots are in the top 6 of soil and few trees have taproots after the first couple years of life. We grind the roots that protrude above ground where we can see them, generally close to the stump of the tree. If we removed all roots below ground we would have to excavate your entire yard. The roots we leave underground naturally bio-degrade and in our climate zone they generallly disappear after 4 years. They are not an impediment to grass growth because they have died and no longer remove nutrients and water from the soil.