We carry insurance so that in the event of damaged property or worker injury the property owner isn't responsible for the cost. All contractors working on your property should be required to have General Liability Insurance and Worker's Comp. Insurance. General Liability pays the cost to repair any property damage. With the right equipment it's unlikely that there will be any damage and it's unlikely that it would cost much if it happened.


The real risk of expense is from an injury and this is why Workers Comp is necessary. Many small contractors do not have this coverage and they put the property owner seriously at risk.

In America if someone is injured on your property you are responsible for the medical bills. You may have property insurance but you will pay the deductible and then higher rates over time. A trip to the emergency room in an ambulance is over $1,000 now even if treatment is minor.

When a guy in a pickup climbs a dead tree for half price and a limb shakes loose from above and strkes him the property owner becomes his Insurance.

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